Sim Dynasty

Pay Leagues

At Sim Dynasty, we have 2 different types of multi-season pay leagues. Dynasty and Speed Leagues.

Dynasty Leagues

Dynasty leagues play 3 games per day with seasons running about 2 months. The cost for these leagues starts at $10.95 per season, with discounts for purchasing multiple seasons at one time.

At this time, we don't start new Dynasty leagues. But you can still get into a Dynasty league as a Replacement or Expansion owner in an existing league. We also typically offer discounts on these teams.

Expansion Teams (take over at end of season)

Dynasty seasons end around January 15th, March 15th, May 15th, July 15th, September 15th, and November 15th. We usually start looking for new owners 20 days before the season ends. Check the home page, or Latest News on the message boards, around this time to see which teams are available.

Replacement Teams (take over immediately)

We have 50 discounted replacement Dynasty teams available; these are teams where an owner has abandoned their team, so there is a possibility that they have traded away draft picks. You will take over control of these teams immediately. Teams cost $12.00, which will get you the rest of this season plus the next season. See the list of available teams

Speed Leagues

These leagues typically plays more than 3 games per day. These leagues operate on either 8 month cycles (Term), or 1 month cycles (Subscription).

See available Replacement and Expansion Speed League Teams

Term League Costs

All new leagues typically use the Subscription payment system. So there are only 2 different stages you can join one of these leagues. It can be a league that is at the end of the 8 month term (Expansion Teams), or it can be a league where one of the owners has abandoned his team (Replacement Teams). Expansion Teams participate in an Expansion Draft, where all the players from teams leaving the league are dispersed to the new teams entering the league. Replacement Teams receive whatever is left in the 8 month term, plus the next 8 month term.

The costs for these leagues varies depending on games per day.

Games per day Expansion Team Replacement Team Number of Seasons Approx. Number of Months
3 $40 $50 5 10
6 $35 $45 8 8
9 $40 $50 12 8
12 $45 $55 14 8
15 $50 $60 17 8

Subscription League Costs

When a new subscription league starts, all owners are required to purchase 6, 8, or 10 months of play upfront. Check the announcement for these leagues to see pricing for the initial time period. After that, you will pay a monthly fee for the league. This can be done by setting up an automatic subscription at PayPal, or you can periodically purchase 1 or more months of play manually (called one-time payments). There are no Expansion drafts with Subscription leagues. When an owner decides to leave the league, he will be replaced right away. The new owner in these leagues will get the equivalent of about one month for free when they signup. Upon signup, you will pay for the first 2 months at once and get a 3rd month for free before the subscription kicks in. Some special leagues, such as salary leagues, have a higher monthly cost than indicated below.

The costs for these leagues varies depending on games per day.

Games per day Monthly Price
3 $5.25
6 $5.75
9 $6.25
12 $7.00
15 $7.50
18 $8.25

Finding out about league openings

We usually announce new leagues on the home page and the message boards. We often also announce Replacement and Expansion teams, but you can always see which Replacement and Expansion teams are available by visiting the Speed League Available Teams Page.

If you'd like to be notified by email when there is an opening, please select from the options below. For new league notifications, you will also receive a u2u. New leagues will be formed based on interest expressed below.

Games per day New Team Expansion Team Replacement Team Number of Seasons
3 5
6 8
9 12
12 14
15 or more 17

When we do start a new league, we like to have an idea of the preferred rules that owners have. Please tell us more about which of these options you prefer:
Display Player Skills as Letters or Numbers?
Show or Hide Improvement information?
Minor League Coach Point Trading should be:
Allow player name changes?
Who can play Catcher?
Which Injury System?
Which Retirement System?
Which Minor League CP System?
Which Development System?