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Purchase/Convert Credits

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Purchase Dynasty Dollars (D$) via PayPal Purchase Subscription/Term Credits($) via PayPal
Number of
CostIncremental Cost
500 -- $5.99--
1000 1 $10.95$10.95
2000 2 $21.50$10.55
3000 3 $30.75$9.25
4000 4 $39.50$8.75
5000 5 $47.50$8.00
6000 6 $54.50$7.00
If you are short a few dollars to make a one-time payment or credit conversion, or need to add credit to your account for any reason, you can do it here. The amount below will be deducted from your PayPal account and added directly to your Subscription/Term credit balance.
Convert From Subscription/Term Credits($) to Dynasty Dollars (D$) Convert From Dynasty Dollars (D$) to Subscription/Term Credits($)
You do not have enough $ to convert. You do not have enough D$ to convert.

Why does it cost $10.95 for D$1000 but D$1000 only converts to $9.08?
Dynasty Dollars are discounted when purchased in units over D$1000. Because of this, they convert to Subscription/Term League credits at the highest discounted rate. Otherwise, you could buy D$ in bulk and convert them to private credits and back and make money in the process.