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Dynasty League replacement teams available
Interested in joining one of our 3 game per day Dynasty leagues? Replacement teams are now available in some of our Dynasty leagues; see the Replacement Teams Available page for a list. Replacement teams are $12.00, which buys you the remainder of this season and all of next season. The earlier you take over one of these teams, the more play you get for your money!

Speed Leagues need replacement and expansion owners, teams available for a discount!
We have several Speed League teams that are looking for Replacement and Expansion owners.

For Term League Expansion teams, you will get a $25 discount off of the price of a new team and control the team for about 8 months. You will participate in an Expansion draft that disperses the players to the new teams. For Replacement teams, you get the rest of this 8 month period, plus the next 8 month period for a cost of between $45 to $55. For Subscription replacement teams, you will get 1 month free!

Click here for the current list of teams and signup links.

In addition, if you purchase 2 subscription teams in a given week, we will credit your account with 50% of the initial cost of a subscription team. If you purchase 3 teams, we will credit the full initial cost for one of the subscription teams. Just create a support ticket to request your credit!

Trial League Reset Issues
We have had issues with many Trial leagues not resetting properly. In some ways this has actually been helpful, as it has caused the remaining trial league to refill faster. However, I have found the issue and am working on getting the affected leagues back in commission. I have fixed the Jim Lefevre and Tommy Lasorda trial leagues and will work on others in order of how many returning teams they had. As this issue has been building up for some time there are potentially hundreds of trial leagues that quietly went away rather than resetting, so I will only be fixing those that has a large number of returning teams unless specifically requested.

Dynasty offseasons complete
For some reason, Dynasty offseasons were stop and start last night. At this time all offseasons should be caught up; if your league is missing an offseason please send me a new ticket marked as Urgent. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the delay.

Error displaying some playoff results
A bug was reported in which some playoff results could not be viewed; attempting to view the box score results in a 404 Not Found message.

The bizarre thing about this is that near as I can tell this bug has existed for at least 15 years and has somehow never gotten reported. I tried to fix it and even more bizarrely it is not an easy fix.

Trial League reset minimum to be changed from 4 teams to 8
In Trial leagues, Owners have the option of requesting to keep their teams into a new Trial league. Until now, a league has needed at least 4 teams to say they are staying to be recreated as a new league. Unfortunately, one of the results of this is that we have a lot of leagues with 4 teams waiting for new owners, greatly increasing the amount of time it takes to get leagues running again. The purpose of Trial leagues is to introduce new Owners into the game, but if those Owners have to wait weeks to actually play, many will lose interest and never come back. Thus, we are changing the minimum number of teams that want to continue from 4 to 8 to try to get leagues back into the game faster.

Fix for owners showing up as "cannot receive PMs"
A bug snuck in several months ago that has rendered any new owners since September 2020 (or very old owners coming back) as showing up as "cannot currently receive PMs". The bug has been fixed; if you show up in your Standings page as unable to receive PMs, log off and log back on. You'll get a brief message that an account was created for you on the forum (the message you should have gotten when you signed up; it actually means that the game engine has received your ID number from the forum server). If you get the message that the forum account "could not be created", please log off and back on again, and if the issue persists please send a ticket to Support.

Chaperone Updates Installed
Some updates have been made to the chaperone system. The bug that occurred when chaperoning a team you used to own is fixed, teams in leagues you are already involved in cannot be taken as chaperone teams, and the chaperone page can now be accessed from the Owner menu (if you are in the Chaperone program). In addition, chaperone teams no longer expire unless you don't access the team for a month, and the Chaperone page shows the teams you are chaperoning and gives you the option to drop a chaperone team if you no longer want to serve as chaperone.

Tanking Discussion
One of the long-term issues with the game is tanking. As you all know, we have no site-wide rule against tanking. The reason for that is that we do not have a good way to define it other than "I know it when I see it" which doesn't work for Dynasty and Trial leagues. There is a discussion on the matter in the Forums. If there is a particular strategy or lineup that you can look at and say "This is always tanking", please feel free to suggest it on that thread. If you see strategies listed as tanking that you use for legitimate purposes, feel free to counterpoint. This issue can cause heated discussions, so please remember the Site Rules related to civil message board discussions.

Standings Page Message List Update
The message list on the Standings page has always had two major flaws: it would display deleted messages, and the topics were listed in the order they were first posted rather than the order of the last post in them. These have been fixed; if you see any weirdness or errors in this display, please create a support ticket.

Forum Server Upgraded
We have upgraded the forum server; this should help with the slowness we have seen lately.

Draft Population Fix, Part 2
One of the issues with draft population has been occasionally only having 98 or 99 players rather than the full 100, and a corresponding hole in your draft order. This issue has been fixed.

Minor Update
When looking at another team's Depth Chart, you have been able to select players to propose a trade; however, to trade draft picks you had to go through the Trade Desk. There is now a link at the bottom of the page to show the draft pick trade block if you are in the Depth Chart view.

Draft Population Fix
For years, one of our most persistent issues has been drafts not correctly populating. We believe we have at long last identified the issue and installed a fix.

Player Card Update
Player cards for players in merged leagues now show stats from both the current league and the original league; the stat years will be adjusted to fit in with the current league so you won't have oddball gaps. Splits still only show the current league, and totals only include the current league; I am working on getting those squared away as well.

Subscription Name Change
I've gotten questions about the PayPal subscription now showing "Teelo Technologies" rather than "Sim Dynasty". Teelo Technologies has always been the legal name of Sim Dynasty; it is named for our founder, Tyson Lowery. There has been no change to Sim Dynasty's ownership, it is just a display change on PayPal.

Dynasty Deadline Enforcement
We have gotten very lenient about enforcing the first of the month Dynasty deadline, and unfortunately it is (again) causing us problems, so we are going back to a hard deadline. On the other hand, early renewals will now be eligible for discounts. Details are available in this News forum thread.

Dynasty Schedule
In the past the Dynasty League end of season schedule has been manually posted in the forum. This has led to times were the posting of the schedule was not consistent. We have automated the schedule now; it will always be on your Help menu under Dynasty Renewal Schedule.

Access to old forums and U2U
Prior to September 2017 we used a different forum; the messages archived in this forum are available to view via the old forum browser The old forum browser does not support all of the formatting options the original did, but it does support attachments and display polls. In addition, if you have a highly formatted post you need to move to the new forum, there is a "View BBCode" link so you can view the post with the format codes intact, making for much easier copying. You also have access to your old U2U box. It is read-only like the rest of the browser, but you will have access to the messages at least.

Join us on Facebook
Join your fellow owners in discussing Sim Dynasty, MLB, and the NFL on Facebook. We'll occasionally post special offers and giveaways exclusively for our Facebook fans, so please visit our Facebook page and click on "Like" to be one of the first to know and be eligible for prize giveaways such as free teams and T-Shirts!

Refer-a-Friend Program
If you like Sim Dynasty, be sure to tell your friends about it. You can earn free credits for doing so. Make sure you use the special referral link so you earn credits, you can select the link under Dynasty Dollars or simply click here.

Not receiving Sim Dynasty emails?
If you aren't receiving the verification email, or any other email from us, please see these notes that we put together on how to resolve this with various email services. Email Filters and White Lists