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Ivan Rodriguez League
A.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Toronto Argonauts
Owner: Ty031699 PM
185.783--10-0W 11
Boston Redlegs
Owner: mangus PM
149.6094.06-4W 2
Minnesota Rangers
Owner: Rolo1 PM
1112.4787.05-5L 1
Kansas City Scouts
Owner: Leonard PM
1112.4787.04-6L 1
Cleveland Barons
Owner: jasgreen PM
1112.4787.06-4W 1
Texas Tigers
Owner: tparke09 PM
1013.4358.03-7L 5
Los Angeles Dodgers
Owner: bschuyle PM
914.3919.04-6W 1
New York Yankees
Owner: mookie PM
815.34810.02-8L 2
N.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Atlanta Chippers
Owner: nails7217 No PM
212.913--9-1W 1
San Francisco Seals
Owner: jzirker PM
194.8262.09-1W 9
Pittsburgh Makos
Owner: siz PM
1211.5229.07-3L 2
Colorado Kittens
Owner: deanscubs No PM
1013.43511.06-4L 1
St. Louis EDGE
Owner: Horseradish PM
914.39112.03-7L 1
San Diego Sinners
Owner: alecansky74 PM
815.34813.03-7L 1
Brooklyn Bees
Owner: Artistik PM
815.34813.02-8W 1
Arizona Honey Badgers
Owner: hanny2042 PM
518.21716.01-9W 1

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