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Minor League Roster

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Batting Pitching
Player PosB / T Tot Age Ment Hlth Range Arm Spd Bunt Cont vs R Pow vs R Cont vs L Pow vs L End Vel Ctrl
Chet WienekeCR / R30D-D+A+B+C-C+B+B+B-D-
Cowboy KingSSR / R26--B+C+B+B-B+B-D-
Pat Tyree3BB / R22--C-A-D-B-B-D-
Derek Rand2BR / RB+30B-D+B+B+B-D-
John LaPointe2BR / RB-21--D+B-B-D-C+B+B-B-D-
Bill RevenigSSR / R22--C+B+B-A-B+B-D-D+
Injured for 6 Benji BlissRFL / L29D+A+D+D+C+D+B+C+B-C+D-
Mike LaggerCB / R33B-D+B+D-A-B+A-B+B-D-
Tom Minnick3BR / R22--C-D-C+B-B-D-
Lou RomanoPR / RB-22--D+A+D-D-D+B-
Vic CaseSSR / RB-22--A-C+C+B-B-D-D-
George WilsonPR / RB+31C-C-D+C-C-D-C+B-A-
Ron BukerPR / RB+29C-D-C+C-C-D-D-A-A-B+
Joel BarrPR / RB+31B-C+D+C-D-D-D-D-B+A-
Hughie FergusonPL / RB+21--C-D-B+D+D+D-D-D-D-B-A-
Carlos ReillyPB / LB+28C-B+D+A-D+D-C-A+
Kevin SandersPR / RB+30D+C+C-C-D-D+D-A-
* Players with red backgrounds indicate they are ineligible for improvement chances. Players who are injured, have played in your teams last game, or have pitched in the last 4 days are ineligible. If your team has less than 15 eligible healthy players, this may result in your team getting less than 6 improvement chances.